National Day 2017

Youth Marathon, 2017

More than 1200 youth, wearing the yellow T-shirts, ran the 5km to advocate for this cause. All appreciation goes to our partners schools and Beirut Marathon Association represented by Mrs. May El Khalil.

Press Conference

A press conference was held by the Beirut Marathon Association and Bankmed to launch the third annual Youth Race. Dr. Nabil Costa encouraged the youth to run for the Lebanese army and for the cause of students with learning difficulties. The slogan is لانو بيركض للوطن, ركضلو.

National Day Celebration 2017

The minister of education Mr. Marwan Hamadeh, and the minister of social affair Mr. Pierre Bou Assi joined SKILD and British Council to celebrate the National Day for Kids with Learning Difficulties 22 April.

National Day Workshops 2017

SKILD team held many workshops, training, and seminars at different schools highlighting on Bullying, and how can we manage problematic behavior in classrooms