Youth Marathon 2017

Thousands Run in Support of Children with Special Needs for National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties

Many exciting, awareness-raising events have been planned leading up to the National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties on April 22. In partnership with the Beirut Marathon Association, SKILD hit the ground running at the first of these events; over 7,000 youth ran in the Beirut Marathon Association’s Youth Race, with many of SKILD’s partner school students leading the charge to raise the profile of students with learning differences in Lebanon.




Main Stage

Press Conference, Youth Marathon

A press conference was held by the Beirut Marathon Association and Bankmed to launch the third annual Bankmed Youth Race. SKILD Center is proud to play a part of this event. Dr. Nabil Costa encouraged the youth to run for the Lebanese army and for the cause of students with learning difficulties. The race will take place on 2 April 2017, and this year’s slogan is لانو بيركض للوطن, ركضلو.

Press Conference, Youth Marathon