National Day 2016

Youth Marathon

As the sponsored partner of the Beirut Marathon Association’s 2016 YouthRace, SKILD took centre stage on April 10th to promote the National Day for Children with Learning Difficulties. Dressed in yellow National Day t-shirts, over 1,400 distinctive runners took to the streets of Beirut in support of the cause. SKILD was grateful to receive the support of Lebanese Superstar Ragheb Alemeh, President of the Beirut Marathon Association May El Khalil, and Minister Elias Bou Saab who each spent considerable time promoting SKILD’s cause to the public. The race was SKILD’s most publicized event to date, helping to raise awareness about learning difficulties in Lebanon.

Marathon Press

Youth Marathon Marina

St. George Marathon Event

Prior to the Marathon, a press conference was held at our partner school St George. Everyone agreed that it is a very important occasion reaching thousands of people in Lebanon, as the campaign was very vibrant on social media sites Twitter and Facebook. UNEP’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Arab Region, Ragheb Alama who is a Lebanese Celebrity and has been ambassador for students with learning difficulties since 2013, tweeted his 4.9 million followers how ‘super excited’ he was to be supporting the SKILD Center and the Youth Marathon.

St. George Marathon Event

Antonine School Conference

Lebanese celebrity, writer, director, and actor George Khabbaz, helped out a National Day event that took place at College Notre Dame des Soeurs Antonine (Hazmieh-Jamhour) when he addressed over 600 grade 10 students from 13 partner schools with Dr. Dennis Eastman from Biola University in sessions around the theme “Social Inclusion of Special Needs Students is both a right and an obligation”.
After the inspiring awareness seminar, these 600 Grade 10 students were motivated to become ambassadors for the cause of inclusion at their schools.

Antonine School Conference

National Day Breakfast

Lebanon’s Minister of Education, Mr. Elias Bou Saab announced and committed to turn 60 already existing public schools into inclusive schools into inclusive schools in front of an audience of around 150 participants among whom there were officials, educators, and civil society activists and experts in special education during a breakfast gathering that was hosted by SKILD center and its partners.

National day breakfast

National Day workshop at BAC school

Enthusiastic teachers joined together to learn more about inclusive classrooms, response to intervention, and positive reinforcement.

workshop at Eduvation School

National Day workshop 

Counseling and Guidance center الإرشاد والتوجيه@ Ministry of Education enjoyed 4 awareness seminars given by professors Tonia Crane, Dennis Eastman and David Finn about Response to Intervention and Applied Behavior Analysis.
SKILD specialists Siham Fakhreddine and Mireille Abi Khalil shared the effectiveness of the Multisensory approach

National Day workshop