National Day 2018

National Day Celebration, 22 April 2018

On Sunday the 22nd of April, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Education & Higher Education Mr Marwan Hamada, and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Mr Pierre Bou Assi,  Haigazian University, in collaboration with SKILD center and British Council, celebrated the National Day for Kids with Learning Difference.
A word of welcome was presented by Mr. Razmig Kaprielian, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian (Haigazian University president), Dr. Nabil Costa(LSESD director), Dr. Carolyn Bishop (CGE president), and Mrs. Donna McGowen (British Council country director) gave opening remarks. The Keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Dennis Eastman of Biola University. The concluding remarks were given by the Director General of the Ministry of Education Mr. Fadi Yarak.

Marathon 2018

” Draw your path” It’s all about running for a cause.
Hundreds of advocators decided to cross the streets of Beirut-Biel, wearing the SKILD yellow T-shirts, to run the 5 Km advocating for kids with learning difficulties.

National Day series of events and workshops

On the occasion ot the National day – 22 April, Many workshops, seminars, conferences were held at:
– Shouf National College (Baakline)
– Azm School
– Cerds (Center of Educational Research and development)
– Haigazian University in collaboration with British council
– Melkite-Greek Catholic Patriarchate