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The ability to visually distinguish between shapes, forms and letters, is essential for a child to learn proper reading and to avoid mistakes in writing. Most of the time, difficulties such as replacing a word with another or a letter with another are related to the skills that a child develops before acquiring reading and writing skills. Speech and Language Therapist Carmela El-Deeb shares in this video home activities that parents can do with their child in order to develop the ability to distinguish visually.

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القدرة على التمييز بصريًا بين الأشكال والأشكال والحروف ، أمر ضروري للطفل لتعلم القراءة الصحيحة وتجنب الأخطاء في الكتابة. في معظم الأحيان ، ترتبط الصعوبات مثل استبدال كلمة بأخرى أو حرف بأخرى بالمهارات التي يطورها الطفل قبل اكتساب مهارات القراءة والكتابة ، بما في ذلك التمييز البصري. تشارك اختصاصية النطق واللغة كارميلا الديب في هذا الفيديو أنشطة منزلية يمكن للوالدين القيام بها مع أطفالهم من أجل تطوير القدرة على التمييز البصري

Emily Hoppin

A native from the state of Colorado, USA, Emily first came to Lebanon in 2016 to volunteer teach at a summer English camp for refugees hosted by one of LSESD’s partner churches in Zahle. Upon arriving in Lebanon, she immediately fell in love with the country and knew that she was destined to come back for the long term. After completing her master’s degree in Linguistics at the Free University of Berlin, Emily was finally able to realize her dream of moving to Lebanon. In August 2019, Emily Hoppin joined the LSESD team as its Communications Officer. “Working at LSESD is like putting that missing piece into a puzzle. For the first time in my life, everything fits,” she states. With a knack for languages, writing, and connecting with people, Emily feels as though all of her skills, talents, and passions have finally come together in one place through her work at LSESD. Just as her first name means “industrious”, Emily believes in hard work and perseverance. Allowing Colossians 3:23 to guide her work ethic, Emily seeks to serve the Lord in her role at LSESD with all of her heart, mind, soul, and strength.

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