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2018 Campaign - مش ضروري

مش ضروري” هي سلسلة حلقات ضمن جهود التوعية حول الصعوبات التعلمية، وهي جزء من حملة التوعية السنوية التي نقوم بها في الفترة التي تسبق اليوم الوطني للتلامذة ذوي الصعوبات  التعلمية في 22 نيسان.

لمشاهدة الفيديوهات، إضغط على الموضوع الذي ترغب أن تعرف المزيد عنه:

Watching Television – مشاهدة التلفاز

Watching Television Does watching TV affect the child’s development? Should we not allow children to watch TV…

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Delayed Speech in Children – التأخر في الكلام عند الاطفال

Delayed speech in children When does a child start to talk usually? In general, every…

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Class Participation – تفاعل الطفل في الصف

The Case of the Child Who Does not Participate in the Classroom What are the main…

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Learning Difficulties and Talents – الصعوبات التعلمية والمهارات

Do learning difficulties mean absolute failure in everything? If a child has learning difficulties, it…

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Using “Consequences” as a Form of Discipline – إستخدام العواقب كشكلٍ من أشكال الإنضباط

Using  “Consequences” as a Form of Discipline Making children know the consequences of their decisions…

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Psychological Support and Learning Difficulties – الدعم النفسي وذوو الصعوبات التعلمية

Is there a proven relationship between learning difficulties and psychological support? Usually, when parents discover…

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Stuttering – التأتأة

What is Stuttering? Stuttering is not an illness or a disease. It is a disability that…

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Why Play is important – أهمية اللعب عند الأطفال

Why do children prefer playing to studying and learning? Traditional teaching methods are not always…

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Pronunciation – النطق

Pronunciation … How Do We Make Sounds?  Why is it that some children have difficulty…

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ADHD – اضطراب نقص الانتباه وفرط الحركة

Is every child who is restless in the classroom or at home a “hyperactive” child and has…

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