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Nadine Taught Me True Love

One of the joys of parenting is celebrating your child’s milestones – first steps, first day of school, graduation, someday even marriage. When your child has a learning difference, these milestones often look different and come with far less celebration…

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So That Challenged Children Have a Bright Future

A little more than a decade ago, Lebanon realized its need for special education for children with learning challenges through the efforts of dedicated, pioneer activists in the non-governmental organizations. These tireless advocates relentlessly worked to elevate education in Lebanon…

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Do not neglect children’s mental health care

January 2022 A Piece of Advice: Do not neglect children’s mental health care! Here we are welcoming in a new year after enjoying the Christmas holidays with family and friends. Unfortunately, though, just like last year, the entire world is…

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Why Psychomotor Therapy?

Before we elaborate on psychomotor therapy, let’s understand the terminology. Psychomotor is the influence of the brain on bodily movement. What goes on in the brain has a direct impact on the ability to move. Activity and movement may increase…

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What About Speech and Language Therapy?

Time flies indeed! It is already a year since we started the SKILD Center blog. We have shared advice and tips by special education professionals and parents of special needs children. You can browse various topics of interest in past…

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