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Christmas, The Birth of Sacrificial Love

The Christmas story celebrates the birth of sacrificial love. Nevertheless, as celebrants, we tend to contaminate the purity of this season with unattainable expectations, expectations of: peaceful family gatherings, magazine worthy décor, “Bon Appetit” type food fare, and happy, grateful,…

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Healing and Restoration

Hold on! Are You the Parent of a Child with Special Needs? Let me share these thoughts and ideas with you … I have often heard and read that parents are their child's best advocate. There is no doubt about…

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Back to School

In this article, we address the issue of returning to school after a vacation without restrictions or ties and without duties or obligations; we, teachers are getting ready to receive learners returning from their long vacation. Returning to school is…

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IDEAL, In my own eyes

Teachers are gifted, full of patience and power to bring up future knowledgeable generations. I’ve witnessed the fruits of the work of IDEAL staff, but also SKILD Center’s, which has been supporting students with learning difficulties and disabilities in public…

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Caring for Challenged Children

Now that the hustle is through, and as we have successfully celebrated the National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties once again, SKILD Center is back to its daily routines, services, and projects. As a team, we have been serving…

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