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First Graduating Cohort of “Guided and Skilled” Course

Notre Dame University (NDU) and SKILD Center recently celebrated the graduation of the first cohort of the “Guided and Skilled” course. This milestone marks a significant achievement in advancing special education strategies and fostering inclusive education. The 25-hour course, designed to enhance educators’ knowledge in differentiated learning, class management, and addressing the needs of children with learning difficulties, has equipped graduates with essential skills to transform their classrooms and schools.

During the ceremony, HE Dr. Hector Hajjar, Minister of Social Affairs, lauded the private sector’s contributions to education and its role in promoting awareness about special needs inclusion. He commended NDU and SKILD for their exceptional efforts in leading inclusive education initiatives and providing accessible education for all. Dr. Hajjar urged civil society actors to continue supporting public sector efforts in similar educational endeavors.

Fr. Bchara Khoury, President of NDU, highlighted the profound impact of the program on the university community. He emphasized that nurturing special needs students and enhancing educators’ capacities not only ensures equal educational opportunities but also transforms the campus culture. Fr. Khoury reaffirmed NDU’s commitment to humanity and inclusivity, expressing how the initiative has left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

Dr. Nabil Costa, founder of SKILD Center, expressed his pride in the first cohort’s accomplishments. He underscored the importance of understanding the needs of children with special needs and called for greater awareness among parents, teachers, and community members. Dr. Costa thanked NDU for its partnership and dedication to the mission of special needs inclusion, emphasizing the collective effort required to continue progressing in this vital area.

The “Guided and Skilled” course represents a significant step forward in equipping educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to support diverse learners. As graduates return to their classrooms, they carry with them the expertise to foster inclusive and supportive learning environments, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed.


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