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By: Stewart Miller

Is your child struggling in school, or has he or she been diagnosed with a learning disability? While initially, this may be difficult to accept, it is imperative that as a parent, you reach an understanding of your child’s academic needs. This will help you ensure that the current school is offering your son or daughter the best opportunity for success. However, should you begin to question the current school’s ability to help your child reach his or her true potential, it may be time to consider other alternatives.

With so many different options available, identifying the best educational environment for a student who has a learning disability can be a daunting task. Thorough testing that assesses cognitive potential and achievement in skill areas is an invaluable tool that will clarify an individual’s distinct learning needs and style while specifying accommodations he or she will need to be successful. Once the student’s strengths and weaknesses are delineated, there are many resources available (see resource list) to help parents find a school that will best meet their child’s unique needs. While it is valuable to research many programs, one option that should be carefully considered is a school that works exclusively with students who have learning disabilities.

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