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As a parent of a daughter with special needs, raising our child has been an extraordinary journey, filled with love, learning, and unique challenges. We’ve encountered various obstacles along the way, each of which has shaped our understanding and approach to supporting our child.

One of the most significant challenges has been navigating our child’s difficulties in communication and social interaction. It’s been a tough challenge process to find effective ways to connect and communicate with our child, as well as helping them navigate social situations. For the Sensory sensitivities, establishing and maintaining routines has been crucial but challenging. Our child’s sensory sensitivities often lead to disruptions in daily activities, making it essential to create a supportive environment while respecting their unique sensory needs.

We often heard stories about SKILD unwavering dedication and the positive influence they have on other kids, and now, having experienced it firsthand, we truly understand and appreciate the depth of their compassion and expertise. Accessing appropriate resources, therapies, and support system has been a continuous challenge. The failed experiences that we had before starting with SKILD, made us realize how important it is to receive individualized care in a supportive environment, a detail and quality that SKILD center has successfully offered.

Our experience with Marita has taught us resilience, patience, and the importance of unconditional love. It’s a journey that continues to shape us and inspires us to create a more inclusive and understanding world for our child. The compassion, patience, and understanding have made a profound impact not only on her,  but on us too; and the ability to create a safe and nurturing environment has helped her in many ways in a very short period.

Marita is currently enrolled at the ABA program at SKILDCenter (Applied Behavior Analysis)  and we highly appreciate their unending support. The dedication and expertise in guiding Marita, are invaluable. Marita’s improved attitude, development, and happiness since moving are clear proof to the success of their approach. We surely have SKILD Center and the Team to appreciate for this positive experience with Marita. Thank you SKILD Center and the Team for going above and beyond in your role.

The failed experiences that we had before starting with SKILD, made us realize how important it is to receive individualized care in a supportive environment


In this festive season of the year, we must remember that in every family and every story of suffering, God always has a purpose that we humans may not be able to understand. We must not slip and blame God for the path he sets before our families  but focus on gaining faith and rely on Him as we seek to maintain our mental and spiritual health so that we can fulfill our duties with our children and families.

As time goes on, it is becoming increasingly clear that the number of children with learning disabilities and behavioral disorders in educational institutions is on the rise. This reality was once a cause for pessimism, but it is no longer so thanks to the intensification of efforts aimed at raising awareness in our societies. This reality is inspiring hope, especially after decades of suffering for educators, parents, and children due to lack of knowledge and inability to overcome the challenges that arise in the absence of specialized care and support in different environments.

Zeina Rmeily

Zeina Rmeily: A Portrait of Passion and Purpose
Zeina embodies the spirit of a modern woman, navigating the intricate dance between motherhood and professional ambition. As a dedicated mother to two daughters, she finds immense joy in nurturing and watching them flourish. Yet, her dedication extends beyond the walls of her home, where she thrives as a passionate professional in the world of technology.
Zeina is a channel sales manager at Magnar Systems. She always strives to keep the balance between the joy of parenthood and the success of a fulfilling a career.

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