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Bounce Back or Bounce Out

Do we have a choice within adversities which we all experience? We can be resilient and bounce back, or be pessimistic and bounce out of control. Adversities live in every household. This is especially true for families with special needs children. It is important to stay positive and to believe that we are resilient enough to live with hope despite of adversity.

On which strategies do resilient people rely?

  1. Resilient people acknowledge that disasters happen anywhere and at any time. They understand that suffering is a part of life and it serves its purpose in allowing us to mature and be empathetic. Knowing that challenges are universal helps us to get rid of the feelings of discrimination and bad luck. It also helps redirect the question from, “why me” to “why not me?”
  1. Resilient people can choose where to invest their attention. They focus on matters they can change and accept those that do not fall under their control. Our human nature compels us to focus on our weaknesses and the negative aspects around us. These are the same negative emotions that never leave our memories and consequently are easier to recall than positive incidents. A good habit to practice is writing a daily gratitude list, one that includes specific items for which you are grateful. This practice will help you negate and reduce negative emotions.
  1. Resilient people practice self-reflection. Think carefully. Is what I am doing helping or harming me? Even if the action is out of good intention, sometimes it might drain us of our energy. For example, instead of constantly having the negative news blaring in the background, try the following activities: take a walk, listen to music, play an instrument, create arts and crafts, garden, or read a novel. The list is endless! I personally recharge by reading quietly, but by mom puts on a movie after a long day.

Remember, building resilient habits does not happen overnight. It is a learning process with many errors and requires plenty of dedication.

Remember, building resilient habits does not happen overnight. It is a learning process with many errors and requires plenty of dedication. We all suffer through loss of finances, jobs, family members, and health, especially COVID related. Adversity is significantly more challenging for families with special needs children. These children don’t understand the sudden shift in their daily routines. Here at SKILD, we have an invigorating support group to help you deal with such adversities. It is called Parent2Parent and is a comfortable space for parents of special needs children to share their experiences, listen to others, and grow together. Join us in our next meeting to discuss similar life changing topics. You are not alone. Contact SKILD on 04-533791 for more information.

Daniella Daou

Daniella joined LSESD in 2018 as Partner Relations Coordinator for SKILD and has since then been dedicated to developing SKILD’s resources and capturing the meaningful and impactful moments to share with SKILD’s partners. Daniella has a BA in Political Science from Haigazian University.

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