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Crowning 1

The 1st group of our Special guests walked in on the red carpet surrounded by a crowd of paparazzi. Amidst the cheers and the camera flashes, a sparkle started to show in their eyes, and a smile began to form…

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Photo Booth 3

On a rainy February evening, even the clouds cleared to pave way for the stars that shone brighter that night to radiate some of their glow to our earthly stars. The moon and stars booth was sparkly to add to…

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Photo Booth 2

To have a symbol of Lebanese culture in a worldwide event like Night to Shine, the volunteers have set up a photo booth of a traditional Lebanese house with the traditional costumes as well! Special guests and their buddies had…

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Photo Booth 1

All our special guests sat on a swing surrounded by flowers. This symbolizes the delicacy and freedom that individuals with special needs should have. On the swing, they were flying above the clouds in the background to illustrate that they…

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