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Online Course with Edraak

SKILD took training to the next level possible by launching an online course with Edraak, the online course platform of Queen Rania’s Academy. The free online course “Introduction to Overcome Learning Difficulties” is a four-week course that focuses on inclusive…

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Marathon 2018

On Sunday November 11, 2018, 48,000 participants and 4000 volunteers filled the streets of Beirut and ran the Beirut Marathon. Among the thousands of participants stood children and educators wearing yellow t-shirts and running to support their peers with learning…

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Workshop for St. George school educators

Every generation has its own unique characteristics and sets of strengths and weaknesses. For educators to target these skills and maximize the learners’ abilities, they first have to identify what their unique features are and how are they different from…

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How to enhance executive functioning skills?

Executive functions refer to a set of abilities that individuals use in order to learn new information, retrieve learned information, and use learned information. Executive functioning skills include attention, memory, impulse control, mental flexibility, and problem solving. These abilities start…

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Understanding Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia is a lifelong condition where learners face challenges everyday such as a messy handwriting with frequent erasing, difficulty staying on the line, poor spelling, and many other symptoms... Early intervention is key to enhance skills using techniques such as…

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Inclusion Workshop at Queen Rania Academy, Jordan

Raising awareness on the importance of inclusion and building the capacities of educators to better serve learners with special needs is essential to reach reforms in the educational sector on a national and regional level. After taking part in launching…

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How to keep the classroom engaged and self-disciplined

As a means of supporting and advocating for inclusive public education, SKILD organized a workshop for educators and the newly appointed special educators in public schools in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The training was held…

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Training on Occupational Therapy

Dr. Naomi Graham, an expert occupational therapist and the founder of Growing Hope in the UK, provided SKILD team with an interactive training session on occupational therapy. The workshop was full of activities to highlight how to use the different…

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Sensibilisation contre le harcèlement

La conférence portait sur le thème du harcèlement. Le harcèlement doit répondre à des critères bien clairs pour pouvoir être qualifié ainsi : « Un élève est victime de harcèlement lorsqu’il est soumis de façon répétée et à long terme à…

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