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The first step in helping a child with special needs succeed is to gain a clear understanding of his or her learning needs, to pinpoint his or her specific areas of difficulty. To this end, we offer global assessments, including psychoeducational, speech, psychomotor, and emotional/behavioral evaluations. Our assessments are administered by our expert team of psychologists, psychomotor therapists, speech therapists, and special educators.

Parents play a major role in any holistic plan to empower their child. Thus, following the assessment, we meet with the student’s parents to discuss our findings and help them understand their child’s specific needs. Then, we work with the parents to agree on an intervention plan that is best suited to address those needs. For children who are students in one of our partner schools, we can include their teachers in the planning process to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) that includes both in-school services and after-school solutions. For children who are not enrolled in one of our partner schools, we offer a range of effective after-school support services at our Center in Mansourieh.

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