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Community awareness and attending to the needs of children with learning difficulties, especially in remote areas, is a social responsibility that all advocates of inclusion should carry out with a heart full of service and love. The SKILD team was able to extend a helping hand to the community in Hermel starting with providing two-day assessments for the children at Al Maram School. A holistic approach is the best manner to deal with special needs because inclusion is not restricted to the classroom, but starts within the family and the child’s small community circles. For this reason, awareness campaigns on inclusion and special needs continuously prove to add value to our common practices. In areas that are far away from the capital and where services are scarce, it is necessary to develop the potential of educators and parents and equip them to support their children with special needs. At Hermel, this will was present, and we were more than happy to help them through an awareness campaign on the importance of inclusion and the right ways to address it at the school, at home, and in the community. Parents, educators, and community members asked the therapists about various topics that they face on a daily basis with children, as well as questions about the nature of learning differences and the respective roles of therapists and parents in enhancing the capacities of the child.


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