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The 2nd group of our Special guests walked in on the red carpet surrounded by a crowd of paparazzi. Amidst the cheers and the camera flashes, a sparkle started to show in their eyes, and a smile began to form on their faces. Surrounded by their parents, who shared the same sparkle and smile, it was then that we knew Night to Shine Lebanon would truly be a night of a lifetime for us and our guests. It was a night where we learned that going the extra mile in loving and caring would not only be a gift for our special guests, but also a rewarding pleasure that stills the storms raging in our souls.
The stars, with heads held high, walked down the stairs to meet the celebrity to be crowned the king or queen of the prom. As the two met at the end of the double stairs, the celebrity, with eyes of appreciation and respect, laid a tiara or crown on the heads of very special royals, the royals of our hearts and of God’s eyes.

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