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Drama enhances a child’s development in:

1.      Social and emotional skills

2.      Cooperation

3.      Expressing empathy

4.      Impulse control

5.      Physical skills, including gross and fine motor skills

6.      Cognitive abilities, such as abstract thinking and problem solving

Children experience drama in different forms, through:

·        Role play

·        Pretend play

·        Mime

Music is universal in that it has the capacity to reach all children. The accessible and interactive nature of music makes it a fun and effective teaching tool. Lyrics, melodies, rhythms, and harmonies can elicit a response in children that stimulates learning, promotes responsiveness, encourages communication, and fosters growth. Studies have shown that this is especially true for children on the autism spectrum and for children with other learning differences.

Music instruction is provided by a trained music therapist through:

·         Singing

·         CDs – listening and copying

·         Playing instruments

·         Computer programs

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