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Knowing that there will be a long journey ahead, SKILD doubled the effort to have its voice heard and its concerns for children with special needs acknowledged. Using publications, years of advocacy and support to the children at the center, SKILD had co-launched the National Day for Children with Learning Differences 2013, a step which is considered today as a milestone in Lebanon’s progress in the field of education. Years of additional passion and dedication towards not leaving any child behind led to another milestone on December 14, 2018. This date denotes the launching of “Inclusive Classrooms for Community Flourishing,” a comprehensive, scientific, and practical book written by specialists from Biola University in the United States of America, Haigazian University in Lebanon, and SKILD Center. This book is scientific because it is evidence-based and relies on the latest educational strategies based on research. It also serves as a practical guide for parents and educators as it presents them with practical strategies for the inclusion of each case of learning difficulty inside classrooms. Each chapter in the book is written by a specialist in the educational field with case studies at the end of each chapter, contextualized to fit the Arab world.

The launching event coincided with the 47th anniversary of the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD) which adopted the book and considered it as the closest guide to its mission and vision, according to the words of the President of CERD, Dr. Nada Aouijan.

“Inclusive Classrooms for Community Flourishing” guides the process of inclusion of students with special needs to reach academic inclusion which will then result in social and economic inclusion on the level of the community.

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