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Parenting a child with special needs can be a challenge, and we often feel those challenges like a strong tidal wave coming at us, to tip us off the edge, to make us lose our balance, but we never do. We stand strong because our love for our children compels us to block the tides crashing against us: the medical billing, the stares, the educational system, community ignorance, and sometimes the lack of support from our families.

However, although we stand strong, we get tired, our energy gets drained, and our hope for a better tomorrow gets diminished. For this reason, we, special needs parents, needs to reach out and join hands because in unity we are stronger.

If you are a special needs parent who feels like their daily life is on eggshells with increasing demands, if you feel like society judges you for your child, or you are simply seeking tips and guidance, we have the perfect safe haven for you at our Parent-to-Parent support group where you can express positive and negative feelings, laugh and cry, and share experiences with fellow parents with the sole purpose of creating a support network for you. Even if you are coping well with your child’s situation, we would like to have you with us to provide helpful and insightful experiences for others to benefit from.

Our vision is to see families grow in hope and faith that they can conquer all. Our mission is to equip special needs parents emotionally, practically, and culturally, to meet daily challenges. Emotionally: through creating a confidential, respectful, and judging-free space for you to share your thoughts and feelings. Practically: through having 30-minute presentations on various tips that would guide you through your journey. Culturally: because we are creating a support community for special needs which we hope will grow into its own advocacy unit.

We are aware that raising a child with special needs shifts family foundations and adds stress and complexity. For this reason, your self-care is essential to maintain healthy emotions reflecting on your child.

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