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We all agree that your self-care is essential to maintain healthy emotions which would reflect on your child.
For this reason meeting with parents of children with special needs is very essential for encouraging each other and sharing helpful experiences. It is truly a great exercise of building bridges and creating supportive friendships. With their guards down, moms share about what stresses them most, they all share the same struggles and same problems. All parents pass through the fear of their children’s future and social acceptance. The culture of shame that we live in is a major challenge for parents who go out between community members who do not understand the cases of their children and are often judgmental.
Some tips to avoid “fight” or “flight” in a stressful situation are given by our psychologist Rudy Kanaan:
  • Practice breathing techniques.
  • Have time alone.
  • Go out and talk with a loved one or a friend.
  • Have enough sleep, eat healthy, and exercise.
  • Listening to music, singing and dancing are excellent tools for relaxing.
  • Organizing tasks and writing a “to do” list is also very helpful to keep you focused on the priorities that you have to achieve.
Our super special moms were left with the newly published “Wise Parenting” book which provides more than 60 tips on day to day challenges with children.
We encourage all mothers to get this book from the Gateway bookshop!
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