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Engaging in social gatherings out in nature is a wonderful way to de-stress, relax, and enjoy good company far from the challenges of daily life. We should always remember to have fun at events such as the LAS Fun Day Event at Beirut Hippodrome. As parents, we enjoy the safe environment while our kids wander around in nature, play games, ride horses and enjoy generous delights. We also use that time to socialize and bond on a deeper level. For the first time, we were not sitting in a formal support group setting, but we were out building our friendship bonds which will help strengthen our support for each other.

It is also important to include dads. Only one dad was present in the beginning, but he soon gathered more dads together and they formed a group to share about themselves as the moms sat in their own circle of friendship. Encouraging other struggling parents brings joy to both sides and paves the way for creating an inclusive society full of support and love.

In the Parent2Parent support group, we also focus on encouraging all special needs organizations and reach out to provide moral support to all parents who have children with special needs.

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