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Holidays Celebration 2022

 “God only gives children with special needs to mothers with special strength”. This is how…

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Parent2Parent Retreat October 2022

Being a parent to a child with special needs is no easy task. From cultural…

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Explaining Special Needs to Children (Parent2Parent-March 2022)

A child, especially special needs siblings, can grow up with the labels of special needs…

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Parent2Parent Retreat (3min Video)

Special #mothers deserve special treatment! The #Parent2Parent support group enjoyed a retreat in nature where…

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Let’s Focus on The Positive

Positive incidents that take place in our daily lives tend to fade away while negative…

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Tips For Parents

Children are one of the sensitive populations emotionally affected by the aftermath of the Beirut…

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Understanding the Love Language of your child

Like adults, children need affirmation, love, and acceptance. Under the age of 4, children should…

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Parent2Parent (December 2019)

The five love languages that we all know, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts…

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