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Positive incidents that take place in our daily lives tend to fade away while negative emotions resonate in our memories and overshadow our reflection on how our day went. This in turn decreases our happiness and gratitude and allows negative feelings to control our perception. This can be solved by one simple step: talk about your positives.

This was the theme of the Parent2Parent virtual meeting which was dominated by positivity: positive events that happened throughout the week, positive traits in our children with special needs, positive feelings, and the list goes on. Automatically, when discussing happy events, our moods lift up. Adopting this practice ensures joy on the long term and resilience by learning not to focus on the negative events.

The Parent2Parent support group is a motivating space allowing parents to share experiences, network with each other, and learn together different skills that help them in their day-to-day lives. Contact us to join in our next meeting to discuss similar life changing topics.

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