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Hats off to parents who became their children’s caregivers, educators, and therapists. Mrs. Tina Chouity, mother of a child with learning differences, shared her experience at the e-conference on “Inclusion in the Times of Distancing”:

“These times have been challenging but at the same time highly rewarding. Challenging because I don’t have the right skills as an educator or an ABA therapist, so I feel it’s very hard to maintain the concentration during studying with my son. However, the positive results make the experience rewarding. I got to spend a lot more time with my son which we are both enjoying. My advice to parents would be to have confidence in your teaching skills and trust yourself that you are doing the right thing. As a parent, I am lucky to have the amazing people and educators at SKILD because you have laid the foundations for my son through the ABA program and put him on track in less than a year, in addition to helping me maintain good habits of classroom teaching at home”.

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