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SKILD proudly announces the launching of the National Day (22nd of April) for Students with Learning Difficulties, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education represented by the Center for Educational Research and Development, and the British Council in Lebanon.
SKILD believes that the existence of a National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties is a major breakthrough in the history of education in Lebanon. By increasing awareness for special needs and learning difficulties on a national level, we are better placed to advocate for every child’s right to equal educational opportunities. We want to see greater inclusion in the education system so that children with learning difficulties are given the chance to finish school and are equipped to become able and active members of society.
From now on, the 22nd of April of each year is a day where all educational institutions, namely schools, the media, and the Lebanese in general will be reminded that students who are dyslexic, or have dyscalculia, etc., are able to learn and that they do learn when we let them learn the way they know how to and when we teach them properly using special methods and techniques.

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