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Children are one of the sensitive populations emotionally affected by the aftermath of the Beirut explosion. Like us, they are experiencing fear, feelings of uncertainty, and distress. Even if they were not directly affected by the disaster, children can become traumatized when repeatedly exposed to horrific images and news of the event on television or social media. While our children may express these feelings in different ways, it is essential that they are surrounded by care and support throughout this difficult journey. It is important to understand that children might have different coping mechanisms. Some might want to spend extra time with loved ones, while some might want to spend more time alone. Let your child know it is normal to experience anger, stress and sadness and assure them that you will listen to them and keep them safe. The most important factor in helping children overcome obstacles and manage stress is you, their parents and caregivers. Our reaction to a children following stressful situation can help or hinder their recovery process

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