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All special guests and their parents entered the prom on a red carpet to resemble their royalty. As they entered a balloon arc, crowds of paparazzi and cheerleaders were waiting to cheer, clap, and take photographs of the stars!
The special guests had the chance to go through a limousine ride with their buddies and friends. The aim out of this activity is to treat our special guests like royalty and to present them with all activities that happen in regular proms that they won’t have the chance to attend. Inside the limousine, the special guests enjoyed fresh juice, music, singing, and many more! As they got out of the limousine, they were led again to the red carpet where they received another grand entrance with crowds and celebrities cheering for them.

A special welcome was to minister Elias Bou Assi,  minister Richard Kouyoumjian, Mrs May El Khalil who was one of the first people to advocate for special needs, and Mr Joe Rahal, who was appointed by Minister Gebran Bassil as his special adviser to follow up on the cases of  people of  strong will “Hard Will”.

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