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Every generation has its own unique characteristics and sets of strengths and weaknesses. For educators to target these skills and maximize the learners’ abilities, they first have to identify what their unique features are and how are they different from other generations that they taught. The 21st century learner needs can be ruled out after knowing what their positive and negative skills are. Starting with the positive, 21st century learners are open to technology and new ideas, creative, fast learners and critical thinkers. In addition to learning through experimenting and trial and error, this generation of learners are competitive but the same time appreciative of team work. One of the most remarkable skills, considered to be both positive and negative, is believing in linear hierarchy. On the other hand, the challenges that 21st century learners face are their increased dependence on technology and the low tolerance for oral instruction. St. George educators enjoyed a workshop on the skills and challenges of learners organized by the SKILD team ahead of a productive academic year.


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