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Job title: Organizational Development Consultant for SKILD’s Child Rights Advocacy Project

Project Overview:
SKILD, in partnership with LSESD, is taking part in a regional Child Rights Program in collaboration with Interact Sweden and implementers in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Sudan. This is a three-year project on child rights-based approach divided between
• Internal reflection and capacity building at LSESD,
• Training of SKILD and LSESD partners,
• Parent empowerment and networking.

During the first year, project activities will serve to reach LSESD ministries to ensure that all organizational actors share a common understanding of the rights of the child when planning and implementing projects and working with children and their families.
This position is responsible for facilitating an internal reflection process among LSESD ministry leadership and staff on the Child Rights (CR) approach to social advocacy, and delivering a written statement on CR based approach agreed on by all involved.
This role will insure the co-ownership of this process across LSESD by striving to base this common statement on open dialogue and mutual learning within LSESD’s overarching vision and mission. The consultant will work closely with LSESD management and SKILD’s CR Advocacy Project Coordinator, while engaging employees and partners into this participatory process. The consultant will report to the CR Advocacy Project Coordinator in coordination with the CR Advocacy Project Committee.

Time frame
The consultant’s services are needed between 25 and 30hours over a period of six weeks. Interested candidates are kindly asked to send their CV and a cover letter on the link below, or to the following email address, before May 15, 2019.

•Meet with and interview LSESD management, staff and partners to gain insight and understanding of existing (baseline) notions of Child Rights within the organization and its networks.
•Analyze and evaluate LSESD’s baseline “culture” and practices, as they relate to CR based approach, paying particular attention to points of convergence and divergence within the organization and its networks.
•Plan and facilitate internal reflection and discussion sessions on LSESD’s role, mission, vision and future interventions with or about children, using a participatory approach.
•Assist in drawing a “road map” for potential interventions aiming to further (1) equip LSESD leadership and staff in CR based approaches and practices and/or (2) promote them among partners.
•Assist in developing further initiatives to effectively measure, monitor, analyze and enhance internal performance and competencies in the CR based approach.
•Provide guidance and manage conflict.
•Identify future areas of development and share recommendations.Skills/Requirements
•Minimum of 5 years experience in facilitating participatory approaches to organizational development (e.g. appreciative enquiry); experience in working with faith-based organizations is a plus.
•Ability to introduce new and/or challenging ideas in simple and effective ways that engage and empower stakeholders at various levels of organizational authority.
•Demonstrates strong analytical abilities.
•Has strong initiative and can work independently.
•Focuses on details, while understanding the broader context

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our SKILD team!

Besides the full time job, we have great opportunities for short and long term volunteering work, mission trips, and Internship.

kindly fill in the fields below and upload your CV in a PDF format.

Qualifications needed: (For Jobs)

  • 2 to 3 years of Experience
  • University Degree, BA or MA

Qualifications needed: (For Volunteers)

  • Minimal experience in special education, psychology.
  • Minimal experience with working/volunteering with children and in children ministries. 

Applying for:

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