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Parenting is a hard job and parenting wisely is even harder!
For all loving parents who struggle with making wise decisions when dealing with their children, some good advice is to breathe deeply and count to ten when your child is giving you a hard time, then grab the Wise Parenting guide and let it support you in making effective choices. Wise Parenting: 60+ Ideas for Tackling Common Childhood Challenges provides all parents with insightful tips and guides them through daily parenting situations.  Each page provides you with a tip that you can read in one minute about anything you might face including boosting the child’s self-esteem and responding to grief, bullying, stuttering, poor academic performance, and much more! Designed to be a practical, small pocket book, Wise Parenting is every parent’s personal guide that helps them to face challenges with their children by reading the tip provided by SKILD’s Psychology team. Get your copy now from the Gateway bookshop 00961 1 492444

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