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At SKILD, we have great opportunities for short and long term volunteering work, mission trips, and Internship.

How can you help?
Help us to draw a smile on the faces of children with special needs at the 5-week inclusive summer camp, and through helping at the ABA Program, or partner schools.

What are the expected qualifications?
The volunteer would serve as a shadow/support for one of the children who have special needs. Typically, the volunteer should have minimal experience in special education, psychology, education, or working/volunteering with children and in children ministries. 

Do I need to speak Arabic?
No! You will be accompanied by English speaking locals who will act as translators when needed. Although few of the children will speak very good English (or French), you will be amazed by how easy it is to communicate basic messages with smiles and love!

Showing children with special needs unconditional love is what the SKILD team strives for, and now you can be part of the family! Apply Now

Contact us to know more about the logistics

Rebecca Marchand: “I really enjoyed my time at the ABA program. I even learned some Arabic from the kids! Everyone was amazing and very welcoming. It felt like home! The smiles of the kids were contagious at all times. Even though I was only here for a short period of time, the changes I saw in the kids were huge. The kids warmed up so fast and made me feel like I belong here”.


Kathleen Weber: “I enjoyed helping with SKILD at partner schools to support educators and learners. Lebanese hospitality was amazing! It is very difficult to leave at the end because of the impact people made in my life over the last two months”

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