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The NDU-SKILD IDEAL Program is an opportunity for children who completed elementary and intermediate school levels (until Grade 9), or who finished secondary school.

To be admitted to the program, a student with intellectual and/or developmental challenges needs to:

  • Be between 17 and 26 years old.
  • Have attended school until at least Grade 9 (included)
  • Demonstrate mastery of at least basic literacy skills.
  • Demonstrate that s/he is fluent in English language.
  • Demonstrate a desire to join the program by submitting a video-taped, or written personal statement including information about the candidate (family, friends, hobbies,..), why would the candidate want to come to college, and their dreams of the future.
  • Provide evidence that s/he:
    • cannot attend the university non-special programs due to mild to moderate level of intellectual or developmental challenges.
    • can attend course sessions that last between 50 and 75 minutes.
    • can function independently, or with little or no help – for 2 hours.
    • can accept and follow reasonable rules.

Applying for the NDU-SKILD IDEAL Program
Acceptance to join the NDU-SKILD IDEAL Program is best secured by going item by item through the following checklist, whereby a student’s application file needs to include:

  • The application form
  • Two letters of recommendation from non-relatives who have known the candidate for at least 6 months
  • A copy of a recent complete psycho-educational assessment
  • Documentation of the history of their condition (previous assessments)
  • Individualized Educational Program (IEP) from the last year of high school
  • Progress reports from the last year of high school
  • Transcripts from all high school and postsecondary education institutions

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