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Graduation IDEAL class 2023 (22′ 25″)

Watch the full version of the IDEAL Commencement Ceremony of class 2023 at Notre Dame University - Louaize (NDU)

Summer Camp, IDEAL Program – Year 1

The Independent Living Summer Camp for year one students was a blast! The camp was a chance for Students to practice complete autonomy in a…

The First Cohort of the IDEAL Program, Class of 2023

In the midst of challenges, despair, and uncertainty surrounding our country, eight young people gave their parents, educators, and peers hope: hope of a brighter…

National Day Event (48′ 02″)
2023, National Day
National Day Celebration 2023

“Work is a Right and not a Good Deed” April 22, 2023 marks the 11th celebration of National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties. On…

العمل لكلّ إنسان… حقّ مِش إحسان

بقلم مؤسس مركز سكيلد وأمين عام المدارس الإنجيلية في لبنان #نبيل_قسطة منذُ أَحَدَ عَشرَ عاماً، وفي مِثْلِ هذا التاريخ انطلقَتِ الرّحلةُ نحو أُفُقٍ لا محدودٍ،…

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