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Survey at Public Schools

SKILD staff partnered with the public school system to evaluate the nature of learning difficulties experienced by Lebanese school children. Internalizing and externalizing symptoms that are known to interfere with the learning process, as well as characteristics of specific learning…

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Survey among Refugees

The SKILD team had the important opportunity to offer their skills to serve refugee children. An assessment was completed with each learner individually, with the aim of  learning more about the prevalence of learners who are at-risk for learning difficulties at…

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Directory of Inclusive Schools

A directory of schools and NGOs offering specialized programs for children with learning difficulties was made available and included the names and addresses of these institutions across the country. This directory helps parents and relevant officials locate private or public…

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Our Team at Public Schools

SKILD team administer a screening text for a number of public schools. The project was designed   in tune with the screening results. It aims to improve learners’ self-awareness, coping mechanism and to develop their social and emotional skills. The project…

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Support for Public Schools

SKILD started a support initiative program for students with learning difficulties at seven public schools, after obtaining the consent of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. At the end of the academic year, each school principal was presented with a symbol…

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