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How Robotics Became My Mission to Help

Driven by a deep personal connection to my cousin living with Cerebral Palsy, I discovered a powerful intersection between my passion for robotics and the potential to improve lives. Witnessing his unwavering optimism despite his daily struggles and his excitement toward technology,…

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Arpenter le chemin difficile

Être mère d'un enfant ayant des besoins spéciaux au cours des dernières dix-huit années a été une aventure difficile et pleine de défis, ainsi qu’enrichissante. Cela m'a fourni un aperçu essentiel du monde conçu pour les personnes qui ne se…

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Navigating the Difficult Path

Being a mother of a child with special needs for the past eighteen years has been a challenging and rewarding journey. It has provided me with valuable insight into a world designed for people who are not faced with a…

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Marita… A Success Story from ABA Program

As a parent of a daughter with special needs, raising our child has been an extraordinary journey, filled with love, learning, and unique challenges. We've encountered various obstacles along the way, each of which has shaped our understanding and approach…

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