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Graduation IDEAL Class 2024 Video (06′ 14″)

Watch the full version of the IDEAL Commencement Ceremony of class 2024 at Notre Dame University - Louaize (NDU)

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The Second Cohort of the IDEAL Program, Class of 2024

A Special Salute to the IDEAL Program Graduates at Notre Dame University’s Class of 2024 Graduation The Notre Dame University (NDU) graduation ceremony of 2024 was a joyous occasion, marking…

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Celebrate the Night in Style

At Night to Shine, we want our kings and queens to feel like royalty from head to toe! Our dedicated team of volunteers provided pampering services including hair-styling, shoe shining,…

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Capture the Moment

As 60 dedicated volunteers, along with numerous celebrities and high-profile individuals, set aside their daily responsibilities, the focus shifted to creating moments of pure joy for the 74 special guests…

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Red Carpet Royalty

The Night to Shine began with a touch of Hollywood magic! Our special guests arrived in style, chauffeured in limousines. As they stepped out, volunteers unfurled a red carpet, symbolizing…

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Prom for all

Night to Shine Lebanon is not just an event; it is a testament to the power of love, compassion, and care. It showcases the beauty of diversity and reminds everyone…

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Let the Celebration Begin

The Night to Shine wouldn't be complete without a dazzling celebration! All the guests were invited to the stage, where they expressed their delight and joy. Following this heartwarming display,…

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The Craft Space

Our Guests were very excited  to showcase their impressive crafting talents. They proudly designed their names on a glittering star. These personalized stars weren't just decorations; they served as a…

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Crowning Kings and Queens 2024

Each guest walked down the red carpet with pride and dignity. The pinnacle of the evening came with the coronation ceremony, where celebrities had the honor of crowning each guest…

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