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National Day Event (48′ 02″)

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National Day Celebration 2023

“Work is a Right and not a Good Deed” April 22, 2023 marks the 11th celebration of National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties. On this day, we celebrate children…

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العمل لكلّ إنسان… حقّ مِش إحسان

بقلم مؤسس مركز سكيلد وأمين عام المدارس الإنجيلية في لبنان #نبيل_قسطة منذُ أَحَدَ عَشرَ عاماً، وفي مِثْلِ هذا التاريخ انطلقَتِ الرّحلةُ نحو أُفُقٍ لا محدودٍ، بَلْ لِنَقُلْ: نحو أفقٍ بِلا…

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National Day activities 2023

“The true measure of every society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members”. The inclusion of children and youth with special needs is obstructed with academic,…

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Gala Dinner

Like in all proms, the kings and queens enjoyed a seated meal with their buddies and friends. In the background, the talent show and lively music kept the atmosphere fun…

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Talent Show

Our honorable guests had several hidden talents! From singing and dancing to acting and playing music, they presented enjoyable segments and kept us entertained with their gifts.

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Royals in Style

A royal treatment deserving of kings and queens was set for our honorable guests. Professional hair dressers, makeup and nail artists left their salons to greet them with pampering sessions.

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Crowning Kings and Queens

The red carpet was waiting for our honorable guests with crowds on the sides to cheer for them as they made their royal entrance. They descended another red carpet on…

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Night To Shine 2023

Amidst crowds and cheers, 57 stars shown bright as they descended the stairs to their prom on the red carpet. Celebrities and volunteers came from different places to celebrate them…

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